Snorkelling Tips For First Timers

Snorkelling is a popular pastime that is indulged by many around the world and Cairns is no exception in this regard. A popular destination for this pastime, this city has a lot to offer through its clear waters. It also has the distinction of providing some of the most easily accessed reefs in the world.

Visitors can cruise just under the surface of the pristine water and relax as they take in the many sites that lie upon this new horizon. Various forms of marine life can be seen swimming to and fro while the spectacular coral reefs found here are also breathtaking.

Snorkelling is popular among many due to the fact that only the ability to swim and good fitness are essential. Beyond that no additional training is required unlike diving and it presents a perfect way to relax in the water. When talking of the water in Cairns, it’s extremely clear, and provides good vision of all the beauty that lies beneath the waves.

Travellers will find that various tours are on offer, each of which provides a different scope of activities. When travelling to Cairns, visitors have the option of booking various water activity related tours. These will vary from just snorkelling to a comprehensive range of activities including deep sea diving. Some of the operators will allow you to jump straight off the boat in to the waters while others start off by simply walking in to the waves from an island or cave. Another interesting offering provided by some operators is the option of snorkelling back and forth between two floaters allowing visitors to snorkel and rest whenever they choose.

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